Short Sale vs Foreclosure


Are you having trouble making your mortgage payments?

Is your home worth less than you own?

Have you received a Notice of Default from your Lender?

Are you experiencing financial hardship?

A Short Sale might be the answer!

Do not let your home go into foreclosure - There are far better options!

We can help you avoid the devastating effects of foreclosure!

7 out of 10 homeowners go into foreclosure without any intervention.

We offer a confidential, no obligation cosultation to see if a Short Sale is right for you.


Let's Face It, Times are Tough for Homeowners

Despite the fact the current real estate market is experiencing a massive influx of buyers, many homeowners are faced with an unsettling loss of equity and are feeling trapped.

That's why we, The Garduno Team, have focused our experience, attention, and resources towards helping homeowners that are being crushed by the current and continued downtrend in the real estate market.  We want ou to know, you do have options, and we are trained professionals that can help.  Whether your income has changed, your ARM has reset, or you are coming to grips iwth the realtity of your homes' market value, Short Sales can benefit those sellers facing the prospect of a foreclosure.  However, Short Sales can also be tricky, so understanding how they work is essential.

We are a local real estate team with many years of experience in residential real estate transactions.  However, because to the severity of our real estate market and the debilitation effects it is having on many of our local families and community, we have dedicated our efforts to helping troubled homeowners who are heading towards default/foreclosure on their mortgage(s).  Our team have received extensive and ongoing certified training and hold nationally recognized designation.  More importantly, we have the experience necessary to help you throuhg one of the most challenging of all residential real estate transactions.  We have been successfully completing short sales well before most agents have even heard of them. 

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of incorrect information in the media these days about Short Sales.  In an attempt to provide the most up to date and accurate information possible, a large portion of the website has been dedicated to bringing together the facts about Short Sales.  We sincerely hope you find the answers you are looking for and begin to understand the numerous benefits a Short Sale can have not only for the homeowners and buyer, but also the lender, and the community.

As you will soon learn, a foreclusre is good for NO ONE.  The lenders are crippled and many are on the brink of financial insolvency because of the record number of foreclosures.  With a frightening number of more foreclosures to come, lenders are now anxious to approve short sales.  Keep in mind they approve theses not out of compassion for the homeowner, but out of self-preservation. For the homeowner, the difference between a foreclosure and a short sale is so vast that avoiding the devastating and long-term effects of foreclosure must be the top priorety.

No one plans to lose a home to foreclosure, but no one, not even the experts, could have predicted the economic downturn we face today.  While you cannot change the downward trend in housing values, you can protect yourself from the devastating effects of foreclosure.


Did You Know?

Banks prefer a Short Sale over a forelcosure.  They do not want your house back!  A foreclosure stays on your credit for 10 years, reduces your score by 300 points, jeopardizes security clearance, and endangers current and future employment.  

Short Sales cost the homeowner nothing.  You will have NO out of pocket expenses.  We NEVER charge you anything.  Short Sales are one of the most difficult residential real estate transactions and far too importatnt to trust to just any agent.  We have over 99% success rat on your short Sales.

You will always deal directly with one of us from the first phone call to the closing.  We handle all the negotiating and you will never be passed off to another agent, procesor or third party negotitator.  There will come a time when you will want to look back on this situation and know you did everything you could.  Take Action Now!

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