How To Have A Positive Mental Mindset Now, 11 Steps To A New Attitude.


Top 11 Ways to Keep a Positive Mental Mindset

In the Chinese language, the symbols for the word “crisis” are translated as “Opportunity Riding on the Dangerous Wind.” In other words, crisis and opportunity are synonymous. Learning to persist and respond effectively through a crisis is the essence of personal growth. To avoid becoming distracted, depressed or frustrated, follow these 11 steps and take control of your future:


  1. Stop brewing and start doing.  Action is one of the best methods of overcoming stagnation.  Walking, running, speaking with people, learning something new...ACTION is the best cure for inaction. 

  2. Remember that persistence can turn adversity into greatness.  As the Reverend James Keller once noted, "Abe Lincoln lost his job in 1832.  He was defeated for the legislature, also in 1832.  He failed in business in 1833.  He was elected to the legislature in 1834.  His sweetheart died in 1835.  He suffered a nervous breakdown in 1836.  He was defeated for Speaker in 1838.  He was defeated for nomination for Congress in 1843.  He was elected to Congress in 1846.  He lost his re-nomination for Congress in 1848.  He was rejected for land officer in 1849.  He was defeated for the Senate in 1854.  He was defeated for the nomination for vice president of the United States in 1856.  He was again defeated for the Senate in 1858.  Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860. (persistence and believing).

  3. Inventory your BAG regularly:  Review your Blessings, Accomplishments and Goals.  You'll be surprised how many reasons you have for being grateful, rather than depressed, anxious or worried.  

  4. Focus on what you are here to GIVE.  Be in a mindset of service.  How can you help as many people as possible?

  5. Stay connected.  Cultivate lilies and avoid leaches.  If someone or something is bringing you down, replace it with someone or something that brings you up.  You have this choice every day.

  6. Stick to your Media Free Morning.  No news, talk radio or print.  Instead, choose to read inspirational nonfiction, listen to uplifting music or books on tape and congregate with lilies, not leaches.

  7. Take blame and credit.  Acknowledge your position in life honestly and openly.  How did you get here and what are you doing to change?

  8. Make a self-evaluation list of two columns.  In the "I am" (or "Assets") column, write down 10 things you are good at.  In the other column, write down 10 things you need to improve on.  Take the first three liabilities and schedule an activity to help you improve each of theses three areas.  Forget about the rest of your liabilities.  Relish and dwell on all 10 of your best assets.  They will take you anywhere you want to go in life. 

  9. Invest in your education.  Since the only real security in life is the kind that is inside each of us, practice what Ben Franklin wrote:  "If an individual empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him."  If you aren't taking action because you don't know how to, ask for help.

  10. Concentrate all your energy and intensity on the successful completion of your current goal.  FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Successful.  Forget about the consequence of failure.  Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.

  11. Proverbs 3:5-6 - "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."

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