Documentation Required For a Short Sale Package

The seller will need to provide the following papers: (Don't worry, we will be there to help every step of the way)

  • 2 months pay checks or write a note that they are unemployed. Self employed should provide a profit & loss statement for the quarter
  • 2 month checking account statements
  • Hardship letter (We have samples to use as a guide)
  • Your last 2 Tax Returns  (The first 2 pages of each return is all they need) - or sign a 4506-T tax authorization for the bank to get them from the IRS)
  • Fill out a standarized Monthly Expenses Statement including assets

 The rest of the paperwork is supplied by the listing agent:

  • Listing Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement and all the addendums plus the buyer's pre-loan approval
  • Third Party authorization for the seller
  • The HUD "Statement of the closing costs on the sale"
  • Preliminary Title Report regarding all liens on the home


We hope you find this information helpful with the sale of your home. If you are considering listing with an agent, please give us the opportunity to sell your home successfully.

Nearly 80% of our business is currently Short Sales. More than 99% of our Short Sales successfully close. While we will never guarantee that we can close every short sale, we strongly believe that if it is a deal that can be done, we will get it done!

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