When selling a house, at one point or another, you will learn that the cosmetic appearance of the house is very important to the buyers—this will affect how fast and how much more you can sell your house for. This however, does not mean that you have to spend a lot —spending some money to fix up certain things will make your property seem a lot more attractive and well maintained.


The following checklist is by no means a complete or comprehensive guide. Rather, it is a basic set of things to start checking when planning out a house sale. You conditions and scenarios may vary.




• Keep it newly painted

• Keep the lawn green

• Mow the lawn regularly

• Clean any drainage system

• Make sure all outdoor lights work

• Remove all lichen on the roof

• Replace any missing roof tiles


1. Front door


• Keep it newly painted

• Make sure the door bell works

• Shine the door knobs

• Oil the metal rails that squeak


2. Windows


• Clean thoroughly and paint

• Make sure that all windows open and close easily

• Replace any broken pieces

• Use water and cleaners to clean


3. Driveway


• Fill any holes

• New pavement


4. Patio


• Paint any wooden structure

• Make sure all frames or stands are secure


5. Garden and yard


• Trim the bushes and trees

• Replace dead plants

• Remove all the leaves from ground

• Remove weeds from grass

• Decorate the yard and garden moderately




• Keep it newly painted

• Maintain newly replaced carpet or floor

• Keep it clean and brightly lit

• Make sure there is good air circulation at all times

• Put away any excess furniture and miscellaneous items

• Make sure all switches and lights are working properly


1. Kitchen


• Make sure all water facets, sinks and drainages are draining properly

• Make sure all the appliances are working

• Make sure all walls and cabinets are free of stains

• All sinks are super clean

• Remove mildew or any foul odor

• Keep the floors and tiles clean

• Keep the stoves clean

• Organize the storage area, do not let things pile up


2. Living Room and Family Room


• Repair all ceiling and wall damages

• Fix any leakages and water marks

• Re-paint any wooden structures

• Make sure all wallpaper is evenly sealed

• Clean any curtains, blinds, or mini blinds

• Make sure the room is bright and airy by opening all blinds

• Make sure the is at its utmost tidiness

• Furniture should be organized and all unneccesary items should be removed

• Make sure all windows are easy to open/close


3. Dining Room


• Repair all ceiling and wall damages

• Fix any leakages and water marks

• Re-paint any wooden structures

• Make sure windows are clean and make sure they're easy to open/close

• The floor should be spotless and waxed, carpets should be steamwashed


4. Rooms


• Repair all ceiling and wall damages

• Fix any leakages and water marks

• Make sure all windows are washed, working, and ready for show

• Room floors should have no loose items

• Room beds should be dressed with new sheets


5. Bathrooms


• Wipe off sink area so there is no residue and put away any loose items (ex. toothpaste.)

• Any leaking faucets should be repaired before showing the home

• Shower curtain should be replaced with a brand new one

• Make sure bathrooms have new towels

• Make sure the floor is clean

• Clean the surfaces of all mirrors

• Any damaged tiles should be replaced or fixed


6. Door Entrance


• Make sure light switch is working

• Entrance floor should be cleaned off completely

• Guest's closet should be tidy

• Make sure the light in the closet is working 

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