Satinder Verma, Eastvale, CA

Dear Tonya:

Thank you for your assistance with my recent property purchase at Hudson River Drive in Mira Loma.  I was impressed by your attention to details that I might not have considered, to both protect my interest and to save money.   I’m very grateful for your help.

I appreciate how much time, effort and importance you placed on my real estate. Not being familiar with the area and living out of town, I was fortunate to rely on your guidance and expertise with a sense of trust that my requirements and interests were your highest priority in finding this perfect property.

In addition, your strong and positive network with related professionals and Escrow Company streamlined the process.  You should know that you are held in high esteem by your peers, as I discovered during our association.

Tonya, you exceeded my expectations, and I hope to work with you again.  

Satinder Verma
John and Melissa, Corona, CA 

Good Morning! Thank you so much for a wonderful and informative evening! Such a blessing, and we're quite excited to know you and to be working with you! We feel that we are in good hands and that your heart is moved to assist us in the sell of our house and the purchase of our new home. We're definitely looking forward to God's leading and blessings on this journey... 

Thanks much, and have a very blessed and joyous day! 

John & Melissa.
Gregg and Alicia Prosser, Chino, CA

We can't thank you enough!  Thank you for helping us into our dream house!  You are the best! 

Love, Gregg and Alicia

Ella and Arturo Tabil, Eastvale, CA 

Two years ago we were in a horrible situation with our house. We had an adjustable ratemortgage (ARM) and our house was considered "upside down" meaning it's value was much lower than what we had loaned for to buy it. 

I felt suffocated, frantic, and hit bottom after I barely escaped a realtor who was about to swindle us! I prayed to God to help me out of the bind. I truly believe He answered my prayers because after praying fervently, I opened my eyes and saw a realtor's office in front of me. I went inside the office. That's when  I first met Tonya. 

Tonya talked to me then. She was very knowledgeable, not pushy at all, and had the kindest eyes --- I felt like I was talking to a friend, not a salesperson just out trying to get a commission out of me. 

Tonya and her daughter Natosha worked with me and my family --- they were very patient and thorough. They helped us short sell our house while simultaneously buying another! We moved into our new home within three days of selling our old one! 

And we adore our new house! Tonya helped us get a really great deal on our beautiful house, 3.875 interest rate, 30 years fixed! 

Time and again, I've always said that Tonya was an answered prayer to our family. She remains a good friend to this day, continues to give me help and tips. 

She has also helped another friend of mine buy a beautiful house! 

So whenever  I know someone who could use Tonya's help, I never hesitate to refer them to Tonya. I trust her and Natosha completely. 

Buying or selling a house is very stressful, even when things go smoothly. But when you're working with a realtor who is truly trustworthy and knowledgeable, you experience less torment. 

I know that while working with Tonya and Natosha, I got rid of a Damocles sword (our old house and ARM), and gained a lovely house and two lifelong friends! 

Dave and Ashlynn Herren , Chino, CA 

I can’t share enough of what a huge blessing Classic Home Realty was to my family and me. About two years ago, my husband and I started to play with the idea of selling our home but unfortunately we purchased at the peak of the market, we owed way more than what we could sell for and we always heard of horror stories of people short selling. Well shortly after, my husband learned that he was going to be relocated and we just knew we didn’t want to deal with renters and managing a home we didn’t live in.  But we just were so fearful of short selling. We feared for the stress of it, how long it would take and what it would do to our credit that was always excellent. After my husband and I kept talking about it, we decided to at least sit down with someone we trusted, Tonya Garduno, and learn a little more to see if short selling was a smart choice and if it was even an option.    

Tonya was so gracious and patient and she came and met us at our home. She understood why we were skeptical and confused as to what were our options. It was obvious she was up to date on our ever changing laws and rules. After going over all of our concerns and fears, she gave us all our options, pros and cons and then allowed us to discuss privately. Never once, did we ever feel pressured, judged or stressed!! It was exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. I actually knew we were making the right decision by short selling. Not just for my family, but it made better business sense too!!

A few weeks after meeting with Tonya, we listed our home and the calls came rolling in. I had no idea we would have so many offers in just a few days!! In fact, we only showed the house for about 3 days and we decided to stop showing it because we already had so many offers. What I loved was that we got to pick who purchased our home, based on Tonya’s guidance.  Although we were short selling, didn’t mean I didn’t care about our home, I loved it so I wanted it to go to the right buyers. We quickly went into the short sell process, which I was so fearful of.  I was afraid of terrifying calls, tons of paperwork and endless stress. What I found was nothing of the sort! Tonya and Natoshia took care of everything!! Every once in a while they would email me for a paystub, but that was it. Literally, they handled everything!! I kept waiting for all the hiccups, but they just never came. I felt bad for my brother who was also going through a short sale, but experienced nothing but heartache the entire time because ours was a breeze!! Or at least Tonya and Natoshia made it seem that way.

In the past we always heard that short sales could take 6 months to even years!! Our home was listed and closed escrow in about 3 months!!! It honestly came faster than we ever thought!!! At the end of it, Tonya and Natoshia even got us additional money to help us move!!  Amazingly, we were cleared of all debt and our mortgage company didn’t even list our sale as a short sale on our credit report so we didn’t face a hindrance with our credit either!!  We know that none of this would have happened with any other realtor and broker! Tonya and Natoshia always had our best interest and we felt taken care of the entire time!  We can’t sing enough praises of what these two have done for our family and finances! They truly helped us turn our finances completely around. They did more than just sell our house! Although we have had a family realtor in the past, we will never again use anyone else but Classic Home Realty!! They go above and beyond for all their clients! You will never find another company more educated on the housing market, more honest and hardworking! We recommend them to all our family and friends!! 
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